Blogger of the day : Asma Fares @asmafaresofficial

Today I will introduce you to the French youtuber Tunisian origin she considers the first youtuber hijabists in France she shares videos of make-up, lifestyle, lookbooks and volgs she just launched her brand of scarves this year I leave you  discover more about her by the interview below

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1. What is One fashion rule you never break?

Have fun , no rules ! Wear what you want to wear , the most important thing is to be confident in your outfit

2. What interests you in Fashion?

I like that people and creators bring their touch of originality, a touch of their culture, and see what can result on them or on the catwalks

3. What Does The Hijab Mean To You?

 Hijab means a lot to me, to have faith and to be modest, to affirm one’s own choices.

4.What styling advice would you give to your younger self??

 Until the age of 16, I was a tomboy, I did not trust myself and I wanted to look like my classmates, but today I want to tell the girl that I was , that you have to assume your own style, be yourself and … no longer wear bangs lol

5. How would you describe a perfect Fashion look and is there a person who is an inspiration to you for this?

a nice look should not overdo it, it must shine by its class and elegance, as Coco Channel said, fashion goes out of style, style never!

6. One tip you would like to give to our readers?

 Do not try to impress anyone, be yourself!
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